High quality tennis court netting and equipment solutions

We supply and install Tennis Court Netting and Posts

When it comes to tennis court netting, Ausnets stands out with its high-quality materials and precision manufacturing. Our tennis nets are designed to endure the rigors of the game, ensuring longevity and performance. Whether you are looking for standard, competition, or deluxe netting options, we have you covered.

  • Standard Tennis Netting: Crafted from 2mm twisted netting, our standard tennis nets are perfect for recreational play and practice sessions.
  • Competition Tennis Netting: Elevate your game with our 3mm braided netting, designed for competitive play and tournaments.
  • Deluxe Tennis Netting: For the ultimate tennis experience, opt for our deluxe nets, featuring 3mm braided netting with a double net top across the first 12 meshes, ensuring extra durability and strength.
  • Square tennis posts.
  • Round tennis posts.
  • Grass court tennis posts.
  • Mobile tennis court systems.
  • High quality tennis nets and centre straps.
Professional Tennis Court Nets

Tennis Court Accessories

All our tennis nets are assembled in our own factory, with options imported from the EU, boasting 3mm HTPP with PVC top tape for standard nets and 4mm HTPP with canvas top tape for competition nets.

To complement our tennis court netting, we offer a variety of tennis posts, including square, round, and grass court options. We can also provide custom-built solutions to meet specific requirements.

Complete your tennis court setup with our range of accessories, including:

  • Centre Straps.
  • Centre Strap Weights.
  • Umpire Stands.
  • Portable Scoreboards.

For added convenience and functionality, we also supply barrier nets and sight screens, available in kit form for DIY installations or fully installed by our expert team.

Tennis net repairs and maintenance

We offer comprehensive repair services to ensure your tennis court netting and equipment remain in top condition. From new top, side, or bottom tapes, re-stitching of tapes, to new wire cables or refit of old cables, and repairs to netting – we have the expertise to handle all your maintenance needs.

Ausnets also has an extensive sports netting range including solutions for AFL, athletics, baseball, softball, basketball, netball, cricket, volleyball, soccer and more.