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Ausnets Pty. Ltd. is a sports and industrial netting company that specialises in supply and installation in Australia.

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Our mission is to provide durable and cost effective solutions that exceed customer and community expectations of visibility, experience, safety, reliability and efficiency.

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To constantly improve and grow, apply new and emerging netting technology whilst balancing the need for projects and community outcomes, through best practice netting solutions. 

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With a global network of suppliers and almost 40 years of experience, Ausnets is the source for all your requirements; domestically, nationally and internationally.

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BHP Billiton

mining oil gas nets

Through previous work undertaken for BHP, Ausnets were approached to provide a solution for a unique problem.

The conveyor systems employed by BHP are designed to carry thousands of tonnes of materials although from time to time, some components of these systems break down and can dislodge or are thrown from the belts resulting in the potential to cause damage to machinery or injury to personnel.

The weight and size of the materials caused further issues and meant that the design needed to be strong and flexible. Ausnets assessed the design and location of the conveyors and provided a conveyor netting solution to this problem.

The end product was designed by Ausnets for BHP’s conveyor trouble spots and featured conveyor safety nets that consisted of hand spliced 4mm galvanised cable which provided durability and provided a long lasting solution. Most importantly, the net featured a high burst strength of 2.7MT which ensured that all debris and materials would be contained.

As the design was modular, the nets could be removed for repair, maintenance and inspection without affecting the whole area.

Department of Defence

When the Department of Defence were searching for a reliable supplier of equipment, Ausnets stepped in to fill that gap.

The Department of Defence has vessels all around Australia and many of these have helicopter decks. Defence netting and rigging is required to ensure no personnel fall from these flat deck areas.

Ausnets fabricated frames in house and custom made netting panels to fit in between, all to exacting specifications and tolerances. Each net panel is measured, tested and tagged – all to Department requirements.

These nets, combined with rigging, ladders, PVC covers for the patrol boats and other items, help the Navy keep their vessels safe and secure.

Koojan Bio-Solids Project – Water Corporation

The Water Corporation commissioned research into fly populations and from this research, issued a tender for the design and build of Bio-Solid facilities. Ausnet Industries won the tender and in conjunction with the architects, engineers and the Water Corporation built 2 facilities located in Moora, Western Australia.

All EWP’s that were shipped to remote locations required safety nets for the edge of the personnel basket to prevent tools or objects from falling and potentially injuring workers.

The designs were particularly challenging as they needed to ensure that no flies could enter the facility during loading and maintenance as well as during standard operating procedures. Through Ausnets experience with other projects around Australia, it provided valuable input with the end result being a better and more efficient solution.

Ausnets combined the skills of its various departments including fabrication, textiles and experienced installation teams to provide all materials, pre-fabricate these in our main factory and install on site. The end result? Two facilities that exceeded the expectations of all those involved in the project and provided the Water Corporation the ability to experiment with these structures in order to assess the potential for further structures into the future.

WA Athletics Stadium

Through previous work undertaken for BHP, Ausnet were approached to provide a solution for a unique problem.

Manufactured to IAAF Specifications and in accordance with engineer’s drawings, our scope of works included the supply and installation of:


Working closely with our Principal Contractors at BGC, our team called on our years of experience, to ensure a safe, successful and timely manufacture and installation. Our design team was instrumental in providing feedback and design enhancements, our project management team co-ordinated various suppliers of specialty products and services, our team of net makers, fabricators and industrial machinists all worked diligently and cohesively to ensure our products met all IAAF and Engineer’s Specifications. Finally our installation crew were successful in installing all components without incident to person or property, in line with our Job Safety Analysis and OH&S Procedures, whilst at all times taking utmost care to prevent damage to the Stadium as Mondo Athletic Track.

A project with this degree of diversity was a great test of our capabilities and demonstrates the benefits that the cohesive and skillful team of manufacturers, installers and managers at Ausnet Industries can provide. And we trust our products will remain a showcase at the WA Athletics Stadium for many years to come and we look forward to helping you with your project.