Conveyor Safety Nets: Ensuring Worker and Equipment Safety

Conveyor safety nets have become an indispensable component of mine site safety, playing a pivotal role in safeguarding human lives and preserving the integrity of machinery.

Ausnets Conveyor Safety Nets are designed to protect workers and equipment

Now used extensively in the mining industry, Ausnet customised nets protect workers, the public and valuable equipment from falling objects.

All nets are custom made to suit your specific installations or requirements and can include a range of additional rigging components.

We work in consultation with your own engineers or we can send one of our consultants to visit your site to ensure the best result for your requirements.

Customised protection tailored to your needs

Ausnets take pride in offering custom-made conveyor safety nets, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific installations or requirements. Our products are now extensively used in the mining industry, serving as a robust shield against falling objects and potential hazards. We prioritise not just the safety of the workers but also the general public and the invaluable equipment present on the site.

Incorporating a range of additional rigging components, our conveyor safety nets are versatile and adaptable, ready to meet the diverse needs of your operation. Whether you have a clear set of specifications or need guidance to determine the most suitable safety solutions, we are here to assist.

Experts in Conveyor Safety Nets

Understanding the criticality of precise installation and optimal product selection, we offer the expertise of our seasoned consultants. Our team is ready to visit your site, working in consultation with your engineers or independently to ascertain that the safety nets are perfectly aligned with your unique requirements. This hands-on approach ensures the highest level of safety and efficiency, tailored to your specific operational context.

Ausnet Conveyor Safety Nets boast a plethora of features designed to enhance safety and ensure longevity:

  • High-Quality Netting: Crafted from premium materials, our nets are durable and reliable.
  • Heavy-Duty Attachments: We offer robust attachments for greater security and peace of mind.
  • Border Ropes: Our nets feature border ropes, ensuring optimum strength and facilitating easy installation.
  • Australian Standards Compliance: All splicing is done in accordance with Australian Standards, ensuring top-notch quality and safety.
  • Custom Mesh Configurations: Tailor the nets to suit your specific applications, with versatile mesh configurations.
  • UV Treated Components: Prolong the lifespan of your safety nets with our UV treated components.
  • SWL for Hardware: We provide Safe Working Load (SWL) information for all hardware where applicable, ensuring you’re informed and secure.
  • 7-Day Critical Response Option: In urgent situations, we offer a 7-day critical response option to address your needs promptly.
  • Certificates of Test & Examination: All slings come with comprehensive Certificates of Test & Examination, for your records and peace of mind.
  • Trusted by Industry Leaders.

With Approved Vendor Status for numerous resource giants including BHP, Rio Tinto, HWE, and Fortescue Metals, Ausnet stands as a trusted and reliable provider of conveyor safety nets. Our staff holds an array of accreditations including Blue Card, Lockholder, HSE, DTEC, EWP, General Induction, and Working from Heights, showcasing our commitment to excellence and safety.