Basketball nets

Ausnets can supply and install nets for all your school or track athletic needs

Ausnet offers a complete selection of basketball and netball equipment, including towers, backboards, posts, rings, and nets. Our heavy-duty products are suitable for use in a variety of settings, including clubs, recreation centers, mine sites, councils, schools, colleges, and private residences.

In addition, we offer custom-made, remotely controlled roof-mounted basketball backboards to suit your specific location. With Ausnet’s basketball and netball equipment, you can outfit your facility with high-quality, durable gear that will withstand even the most intense games. 

Ausnet’s range of Basketball or Netball Equipment includes:

  • Heavy Duty Fixed or Side-Swing Basketball Towers
  • Roof Mounted Backboards
  • Combination Basketball / Netball Towers
  • Exterior Ply or Acrylic Backboards
  • Rings
  • Nets
  • Netball posts
  • Removable Posts
Indoor basketball nets