Nets and ropes

Ausnets can supply and install nets and ropes for all industrial and commercial needs

Netting is used in many industries and sport and leisure activities. If you don’t require made up nets but you still need bales or cut pieces of netting, we can provide these and more.

Ausnet supplies a range of different netting for different purposes including:

Nets and ropes

Ausnets can provide you with fittings to enable installation at your location

Different nets have different characteristics so we can help you choose the best netting for your project. We regularly carry various constructions including knotted and knotless. Materials include polyethylene, nylon, polyester and even dyneema.

Polyethylene (PE) netting is a great all rounder. It’s tough, hard wearing and UV treated to protect against the sun. Supplied mostly in black colour, some of our regularly carried polyethylene netting sizes are:

  • 16mm square mesh x 6 ply – typically used for bird control
  • 25mm square mesh x 15 ply – great for cat net enclosures
  • 25mm square mesh x 60 ply – heavier duty for debris nets, barrier nets, conveyor nets
  • 40mm square mesh x 24 ply – lightweight sports netting, barrier nets, roof nets
  • 40mm square mesh x 48 ply – heavy sports netting for cricket, baseball, etc
  • 75mm square mesh x 48 ply – all purpose
  • 75mm square mesh x 60 ply – cyclone hold down nets, general purpose netting, debris

We also have a range of nylon or high tenacity polypropylene (HTPP) knotless nets for various purposes but best suited for safety, barrier nets, curtains, etc. It has a soft feel, is available in many mesh sizes and colours and is a great material to work with.

We can also provide you with fittings to enable installation at your location.


Ausnet stocks a range of ropes for various requirements. Rope is a versatile product that can be used everywhere.

It’s important to choose the right rope for the job at hand to prevent any damage, breakage or injuries. We can help you choose the right rope for the right purpose. We deal directly with the manufacturers and have all our ropes made specifically to suit the purpose at hand.

Some of the ropes we carry include:

Polypropylene (PP)

A great all round rope to suit many applications. It has good strength (more than PE), low slippage, high abrasion resistance, UV stable, floats on water and is easy to work with. A common and popular fishing rope construction.

Polyethylene (PE)

Shiny and smooth, PE ropes are used in various industries from aquaculture, agriculture and more. It features more give than PP, good UV resistance, tough and it floats.

PE Silver

Silver rope is made up from short fibres which are spun together to give it a hairy look. It’s a great handling rope, used for many purposes but popular with boaties and yachties for mooring, anchoring, tie downs, etc. Good strength, resistance to abrasion and very easy to work with.

Nylon (Ny)

Nylon is one of the strongest ropes in the market. It has great shock resistance and elasticity. After stretching it returns to its original length. It resists abrasion well – better than natural fibre ropes. It also resists chemicals, gas, oil, ultraviolet rays & rotting.

Polyester (Py)

Polyester is similar in strength to nylon but it will not stretch as much. It has less shock resistance than nylon. It is resistant to humidity, mould, gas, oil, and chemicals. Polyester deteriorates when exposed to the sun unless it’s uv treated but it’s lifespan is not as good as other rope types. It’s often used in industrial and marine applications and is popular amongst sailors.


These are high molecular weight polyethylene ropes that are pound for pound, stronger than steel! They are super strong but very light and are suited to critical applications where strength and security is a must. Available in various constructions and diameters.


Ausnets can also provide you with fixing hardware and accessories to complement your netting and ropes. We supply shackles, rings, snaps, clips and many other items in galvanised steel, stainless steel and nylon.

Don’t see what you need or not sure what you need? Give us a call to discuss your requirements on (08) 9331 1955 or come visit us at 9 Rees Street O’Connor to see some of the above products and to discuss your needs and requirements with our expert team.